Thursday, 19 February 2015

Blogging with our Kauri Buddy

On Tuesday the Super Star gets to make a blog post with the help of a buddy from Kauri 3.

This is the story about a person called Joe and I'm with Viraj.
By Joseph 
My wonderful draft writing.

By Joseph

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Rata Rua Tennis Stars

Rata Rua Tennis Stars on PhotoPeach
Playing with a Partner on PhotoPeach

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Some Rata Rua Authors wrote about 'The Rupert Puppet Show.'

On Friday I saw the puppets. My favourite were the kiwi and the stork and the tui. The star of the show was the manager. He made the show. 
Author: Lexie

I liked the kiwi and the rat because they were fighting.
Author: Grace

On Friday I went to the school hall. I liked Rupert because he was funny and I laughed.
Author: Sophia

The rat thought the egg was his but actually the egg was the kiwis. I thought it was funny. At the end someone made the baby move. I thought it was funny.
Author: Fraser

Saturday, 25 October 2014


On Friday the Little Dog Barking Theatre performed a show in our school hall.
Ask someone from Rata Rua to explain the story.
The puppets were a baby called Rupert, a stork, a Tui, a Kiwi, a huhu grub, a rat and a gurnard fish.
While taking Rupert to his home a stork got caught in a storm and....

Rupert on PhotoPeach
 After the show we asked the performers some questions.
Someone wondered how the puppets worked.
They showed us how they made them move.
Did you know that when you are moving a puppet and pretending it is speaking, you always start with your mouth closed?

We were wondering... on PhotoPeach


Monday, 20 October 2014

Naw Ruz

Mrs. Assadi told us about the Persian New Year.
It is celebrate at the start of spring, on the 21st of March.
People living in Iran celebrate Naw Ruz.
At the start people clean, cook and buy new clothes. 
A dancer comes to say, 'Spring is coming. Open your windows and let the fresh air in."

The family gather around a table that has been set up with "Haft Seen" or "Seven S's."
On the table are seven things whose names begin with the 's' sound in the Persian language.
Sabzeh- sprouts for re-birth.
Seer- garlic for medicine.
Serkeh- vinegar for age and patience.
Samanu- a wheat pudding for wealth.
Senjed- dried fruit for love.
Seeb- apples for beauty and health.
Somac- red berries for the colour of the sunrise.

People put other things on the table too. Each has a special meaning.
A goldfish for life.
Coins for wealth.

Rosewater for cleansing.
Some special activities are decorating eggs. We like these eggs which Sara decorated for us.
Little fires are lit in the street for people to jump over and ask for strength and to take away illness.
Families visit each other and the children are given money.
Families pray together for peace in the world.
On the last day everyone goes outside and has a picnic together.

Chinese New Year

Mrs. Cam answered some of the questions we had about Chinese New Year celebrations.
Chinese New Year usually begins in February and lasts for fifteen days.

 At the start of the celebration, people clean their houses to sweep away any bad luck and to welcome in good luck. For decorations, people use the colour red for good luck.
Mrs. Cam showed us a red pocket. Children are given a red envelope from adults which are filled with lucky money. This envelope is called Hong Bao.

 Families get together during Chinese New Year and have a large feast of traditional Chinese food like fish, chicken, rice dumplings and sticky sweet rice pudding. They also eat noodles. The longer the noodle the more good luck you will have.

At parades dragon dances are done to bring good luck for the coming year. The longer the dragon is, the more good luck it will bring. Dragon dances have lots of banging and loud noises too. Firecrackers make a loud bang.

The last day of the Chinese New Year celebrations is the Lantern Festival. Families visit displays of lanterns. We hope you like the lanterns we made and hung in our classroom.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Once Upon A Time

We enjoyed going on the bus to see the school production.

It was great watching our buddies dance.
The costumes were amazing.
Congratulations to everyone who acted and danced and sang.